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Last updated: 28.03.2023


We want to ensure that everyone has an outstanding experience while staying safe. To achieve this, we have created a set of Community Guidelines that outline the acceptable and prohibited behaviors on the platform. Although we recognize that most users are responsible, we believe it is essential to clarify our expectations for everyone. While the guidelines may appear obvious to some, we want to provide a clear understanding of how all users should conduct themselves.

  1. Hate Speech is not allowed
    Hate speech is strictly prohibited. Please avoid posting any content that aims to incite hatred or encourage violence against individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, sex/gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, caste, disability, immigration status, veteran status, or victims of major violent events and their families. Any content that violates this policy will be disallowed, and we will take prompt action to prevent the promotion of violence or hatred against any group or individual based on these attributes.
  2. Harassment and content that threatens individuals is not allowed
    Please refrain from organizing, participating in, or promoting the harassment of others. Although disagreements may arise, continuous, repetitive, or severe negative comments could constitute harassment. Do not post any content that targets an individual with prolonged name-calling or malicious insults based on their intrinsic attributes, physical traits, or status as a survivor of sexual assault, domestic abuse, child abuse, or any other similar trauma. Additionally, please do not post any content that intends to shame, deceive or insult a child. (A child is generally defined as anyone under 18 years of age, but this may vary by location.) We strictly prohibit and may remove content that encourages harassment of others.
  3. Threats of violence or harm to others is not allowed
    Please refrain from posting any threats of violence or harm to others, whether it be direct or indirect. This also includes sharing or threatening to disclose someone’s private personal information. Any content that includes threats of violence or harm to others will not be allowed, and we may remove it promptly to ensure the safety of our community.
  4. Encouraging dangerous or illegal activities is not allowed
    Avoid posting content that promotes dangerous or illegal activities leading to physical harm, emotional distress, or death. This includes dangerous challenges or pranks, harmful activities towards others, theft, abusive behavior, instructions on creating addictive drugs, eating disorders, or promoting violent tragedies. We strictly prohibit and may remove such content.
  5. Promoting suicide or self-harm is not allowed
    Please refrain from posting content that promotes or encourages suicide or self-harm, or provides instructions on how to die by suicide or self-harm. We strictly prohibit such content and may remove it promptly to ensure the safety of our community.
  6. Explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying is not allowed
    Avoid sharing sexual content or links, including pornography, sexual acts, genitalia, or fetishes that aim for humiliation. Do not share content that depicts minors in a pornographic, sexually suggestive, or violent manner, including digitally altered pornography. Such content is prohibited and may be removed. We may also inform the authorities.
  7. Organising, promoting, or supporting violent extremism is not allowed
    Sharing or linking to content that promotes or supports violent extremism is strictly prohibited. Any such content may be removed promptly, and we may also notify the relevant authorities.
  8. Extremely explicit and vulgar language is not allowed
    Please avoid posting content that is explicit or vulgar, as it is not appropriate for our communities. We strictly prohibit and may remove any content that is excessively explicit or vulgar.
  9. Content intended to sell regulated goods and services is not allowed
    Avoid posting content that is intended to sell, link to, or enable access to regulated goods and services, such as firearms, drugs, or controlled substances. We strictly prohibit such content and may remove it promptly.
  10. Unwanted, repeated friend requests and messages are not allowed
    Do not attempt to bypass blocks made by other users, especially when it is clear that the other user does not wish to engage with you any further. Do not attempt to conceal your identity in an effort to contact someone who has blocked you, or to circumvent the tools we provide to users for their own protection.
  11. Encouraging the bypassing of payment for digital content or services is not allowed
    Sharing content that demonstrates how to access audio content, audiovisual content, software, or streaming services without proper payment through the use of apps, websites, or other information technology is not allowed.
  12. Hacking is not allowed
    Do not use technology to steal credentials, compromise personal data, or cause harm to others.
  13. Sending viruses or malware to others is not allowed
    Sending viruses or malware, attempting to phish, or hacking and DDoSing others is prohibited.
  14. Do not spam the DJ Seip Team & Mods
    Posting baseless and harmful accusations, repeatedly sending claims about a particular matter, or inciting a group of users to report the same matter could result in suspension or termination.
  15. No Self-Promo or Discord invites to other communities outside of designated channels
    Do not share links to project unrelated discords or bluntly spam self-promote your work in undesignated channels. The promotion of your music is only allowed in the New-Music Channel and external discord invites are generally not allowed and will result in deletion or suspension.