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Preset - Mastering Chain

The official DJ Seip Mastering Chain using StudioRack & Waves Plugins

You nailed your mixing but need help finding the right mastering chain? Get the Plugin Chain which DJ Seip uses for his singles and customers using high quality VST plugins from Waves. (Waves plugins not included, must own the plugin beforehand)

Get your mix sounding clean, punchy, and loud like the songs you hear on the radio.

Plugins used
– StudioRack by Waves
– F6 RTA by Waves
– NLS Bus by Waves
– CLA-76 by Waves
– Abbey Roads TG Mastering Chain by Waves
– L2 Limiter by Waves
– Center by Waves
– Smack Attack by Waves
– J37 by Waves

Price 9.99€
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