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(The Ultimate 60 DAY RELEASE PLAN)

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Unlock the secrets to maximizing your music’s potential with our comprehensive release strategy. Crafted by industry experts and proven by success stories like DJ Seip, this plan is your ticket to dominating the music scene without breaking the bank.

Here’s what you’ll get:

🚀 Distribution Deadlines:
Know exactly when to submit your song to get the most out of your pre-release phase. Recommendation for my favorite distribution companies. 

🎵 Copyright and PRO Registration:
Protect your hard work and ensure you’re reaping all the rewards with seamless copyright and performance rights organization registration.

📢 Publishing Opportunities:
Expand your reach and explore new avenues for exposure with publishing opportunities.

📱 Social Media Content Strategy:
Level up your social media game with a clear content strategy designed to build up hype and excitement for your release.

🔊 Spotify Playlist Pitching:
Secure prime placement on Spotify Editorial playlists as well as user curated playlists with our proven pitching techniques.

🎤 PR and Media Coverage Deadlines:
Ensure your release receives the spotlight it deserves with expertly timed pitches to media outlets, guaranteeing maximum exposure and buzz.

And much, much more!

Don’t let your music fade into obscurity. Join the ranks of successful artists who have utilized this exact strategy to secure multiple Top 10 chart placements. Now, it’s your turn to shine.

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